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Arctic atmospheric chemistry in a changing environment

Séminaire de Jennie THOMAS (LATMOS), jeudi 8 février 2018 à 10h en salle Lliboutry, Bât. de Glaciologie

15 janvier 2018, par Sandra Rome

Titre : Arctic atmospheric chemistry in a changing environment

Résumé : The Arctic is a region defined by environmental change, including reduced sea-ice (minimum, thickness, age) and snow cover. Work to understand Arctic tropospheric chemistry is ongoing within the context of rapidly occurring climatic change in the region. Arctic environmental change has significant implications for background atmospheric chemistry that is determined by emissions and uptake of species to/from the Arctic Ocean (including snow and sea-ice). Understanding how sea-ice and snow modify atmospheric chemistry is essential in order to predict the oxidizing environment, ozone cycle, and aerosol concentrations in the region. This talk will describe 1D process modeling and regional modeling to quantify how multiphase processes at the air-snow interface modify Arctic tropospheric chemistry. In addition, regional modeling to quantify the current influence of present anthropogenic and wildfire emissions on Arctic ozone and aerosols will be discussed. Observations including intensive campaigns to study these processes and measurements at stations throughout the Arctic are used to evaluate model results and to demonstrate current knowledge gaps.

Séminaire de Jennie Thomas - LATMOS (visiteuse IGE 2017-2018)
animé par D. Voisin/A. Dommergue (CHIANTI)

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