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Instrumentation & Measurements

Our expertises in instrumentation and data analysis allow us to document hydrological variables and their spatial variability (water content in aquifers, surface moisture, coefficient of runoff, precipitation, evapotranspiration, ...), but also to propose new instrumentations or methods to characterize complex environments. These methods are developped to integrate spatially and can be implemented on different hydrological units at different scales. These methods are essentially indirect and require to establish the laws between the measured geophysical parameter and the hydrological characteristic of interest.

Magnetic Reasonance Sounding

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Unlike other geophysical methods such as electric soundings or georadar, information derived Magnetic Reasonance Sounding (MRS) is directly related to the water contained in the ground. Principle The physical principle of MRS rests on the fact that the protons which constitute the hydrogen nuclei of water molecules, placed in a magnetic field B o (such as the magnetic field Have (...)

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