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présentation equipe

by Jean Martial Cohard - 2 August 2017 ( maj : 30 September 2017 )

Évolution de la pluie cumulée depuis le début de l’année aux stations de Niamey Orstom, Banizoumbou et Wankama (Niger) et comparaison avec la moyenne inter annuelle des périodes sèches (71-90) / humides (51-70). la description In the Sahel the ponds are filled by surface runoff and are preferential areas for infiltration. Some turns into a wet lands because of the rise of the water table. Parflow/CLM simulation of the upper Ouémé catchment in Bénin (16000km²) Electromagnetic prospection in Bénin pedological fault to measure water transfers in the unsaturated zone Eddy Covariance sensors to measure evapotranspiration In Benin, 40% of pumping well are not productive Soil samples to characterize hydrodynamical properties Aquifer transmissivity measurement of an in Bénin.