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Multiscale oceanic flow modeling

The MEOM team develops an integrated approach to computational oceanography that combines ocean modeling, geophysical fluid dynamics, and satellite/in situ observations. See the team website for more details.

Our activities are connected to French, European and international research programs dedicated to the climate, environment, and numerical modeling. They concern the role of the ocean in climate, the analysis, simulation and prediction of the oceanic evolution, and the development of advanced methods to address these questions (see the "Research Themes" tab for details).

For more than 40 years, MEOM has been developing a technical expertise in the different aspects of computational oceanography: numerical modeling high-performance computing, data assimilation and analysis techniques.

The members of the team have close links with many national and international groups. These collaborations are particularly active among the DRAKKAR and NEMO consortium, and with the Mercator Ocean operational oceanography center.