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Ice Cores, Climate, Chemistry

Team coordinated by Frédéric Parrenin et Joël Savarino

Goals of the team

The research carried out by the ICE3 team looks at a better understanding of the coupling between climatic and environmental variations of natural or anthropogenic origin on the one hand and the chemical composition of the atmosphere (trace gases whose Greenhouse, aerosols).

The specificity of the ICE3 team within the IGE is to address these issues from observations of ice cores drilled in polar ice caps and high altitude glaciers.

The team’s analyzes of ice cores are coupled with atmospheric studies to better understand the modes of transport and the physico-chemical specificities of the local atmosphere.

They are also associated with studies of atmospheric-ice transfer, both for physical and chemical aspects, in order to understand the conditions for recording the variables of interest in ice.

The scientific questions addressed by the team cover a wide range of time scales from the past to the present, from the minute to the glacial-interglacial cycles.

Although the ICE3 team has a strong experimental and field component, the contribution of its personnel to modeling is no less important (absolute and relative dating of the glacial archives, diffusion processes, densification and gas trapping).

Thèses soutenues

2017 Bourgeois, I. (2017). Dépôt des nitrates atmosphériques sur les prairies subalpines du Lautaret. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble. Abstract: L’accroissement des dépôts de nitrate atmosphérique (NO3-atm) sur les bassins versants d’altitude, limités en ressources, entraîne des changements nets de disponibilité d’azote. Ces apports modifient la diversité (...)

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