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HydroMeteorology, Climate and Society Interactions

The team HydroMeteorology, Climate and Society Interactions is interested in the atmospheric part of the water cycle. The research concerns both the analysis of the spatial and temporal variability of precipitation, the identification of associated atmospheric processes and their relation to the general circulation. These studies are conducted in a context where we seek to understand the interactions between climate variability and socio-economic responses. We are interested in the resilience processes of societies in front of the hydro-climatic extremes and the energy evolutions in future climate. In this context, the question of the regionalization of the climate is unavoidable.

Specific features of the HMCIS team include :

  • The multi-scale spatial and temporal study of precipitation and their interactions with hydrology
  • the original approach of the climate-society link
  • multidisciplinary study (physical, statistical and societal) of extremes.