OSUG - Terre Univers Environnement


Team coordinated by O. Gagliardini and V. Favier

Goals of the team

The ICE team’s research focuses on the terrestrial cryosphere in polar regions and its interactions with other components of the climate system. The emphasis is on the study of physical and mechanical processes. The ICE team is therefore interested in the general question of the sensitivity of global warming to polar areas, skies and ice and ice surfaces.

His activities are divided into four main areas:

  • Atmosphere and snowpack
  • Glacier flow and polar ice caps
  • Mechanics of ice-snow deformation
  • Seasonal snow and permafrost in high latitude regions

At national and international level, GLACE is the only team bringing together all the expertise necessary for the integrated study of the mass balance of the ice caps. This translates into the use, by French and foreign research groups, of our entire modeling chain including polar atmosphere, snow and ice flow. Our collaborations with the laboratories LEGOS, CNRM-GAME and those of IPSL complete this group.

The recognition of our work on the ice caps and the polar regions places us among the international players on the cryosphere with a contribution to the IPCC, the CliC / WCRP co-chairs, ISMASS presidency, participation in the IGS board, - France and contribution to SCAR. At the national level, our strong link with IPEV, our "cryospheric" contribution to CNES and our investment in SO GLACIOCLIM are key elements for the future. Lastly, the involvement of several researchers and lecturers at INSIS also gives ICEA, which is mainly focused on INSU, an international positioning at the junction of materials science, mechanics and geophysics.