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Service National d’Observation CLAP : CLimate relevant Aerosol Properties from near surface observations

The main objective is to monitor essential climatic variables of atmospheric aerosols. This objective is achieved through a network of ground-base stations including: Station du Puy de Dôme (France) Atmospheric Observatory of Maïdo (La Réunion Island, France) Pic du Midi (France) Station NCO-P (Nepal) Chacaltaya Station (Bolivia) Experimental site of SIRTA (Saclay, (...)

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GMOS-Fr: Monitoring of atmospheric mercury

The monitoring program has been initiated thanks to the support of the EU FP7 GMOS (Global Mercury Observation System) and the French Polar Institute IPEV (program GMOstral). Our main goal is to monitor atmospheric mercury which is a major contaminant of marine food chains and a global pollutant. Data are freely available here. We have continuous atmospheric observations at Amsterdam Island (...)

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