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Maurine Montagnat Rentier

Directrice de recherche (senior scientist) - CNRS

IGE research team : GLACE

Director of the French Groupement de Recherche "Recristallisation et croissance des grains" GDR REX

Research fellow in WSL-SLF Davos, August 2016 to August 2017

Contact : ; 33 (0)4 76 82 42 67



"L’Objet de mes recherches"

Film "Cristal de glace"

On n’est pas que des cobayes ! Faire geler une bulle de savon !

Portraits : des hommes et des femmes… ici

Scientific interests

  • Ice mechanical behavior, multi-scale approach, from dislocation to polycrystal
    • Caracterisation of deformation heterogeneities. Strain field measurements by Digital Image Correlation, EBSD analyses.
    • Recrystallization mechanisms, dynamic and post-dynamic
    • Lattice distorsion characterization. Hard XRays, Synchrotron, Neutrons.
    • Micro-Macro full-field modeling based on a Fast Fourier Approach.
  • Measurements and modeling of texture evolution along deep ice cores.
  • Study of snow and firn densification processes.
  • Formation and behavior of waterfall ice. Research project funded by the Petzl Foundation

Recent and on-going responsabilities

- Member of the Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique, Section 9, 2012-2016

- Member of the Council of the International Glaciological Society

Recent and on-going projects

- Director of the Groupe de Recherche 2006 "Recristallisation" (2017 - 2021)

- CNRS research exchange project PICS between Davos (Switzerland), LGGE and CEN (Grenoble). Coordinator 2016-2018

- "Rencontres Montagnes et Sciences 2016", Movies of Sciences in Mountains, or Mountaineering for sciences…
November 18 and 19 at 1:30 pm, Palais des Sports (Grenoble).

- ANR Project "DREAM", 2014-2018. Coordinator. Dynamic Recrystallization of Anisotropic Materials. website

- ESF RNP Program MicroDIce. Micro Dynamique of Ice (2010 - 2017). Coordinator. website

- ANR Project "ELVIS", 2008-2012. Micromechanical approach of nonlinear ELasto-VIScoplasticity in polycrystalline materials : theory, modeling, and experimental comparison. website

- Responsible for a research project on ice waterfalls, "Cristal de glace, itinéraire scientifique au coeur des cascades de glace", 2006-2013 Petzl Foundation.

- ANR Project "NEEM-France", 2007-2011. Deep ice core and vulnerability of the Greenland ice sheet.

- "Rencontres Montagnes et Sciences 2015", Movies of Sciences in Mountains, or Mountaineering for sciences…
November 13 and 14 at 1:30 pm, Palais des Sports (Grenoble).

- "Rencontres Montagnes et Sciences 2014", 7 movies of Sciences in Mountains, or Mountaineering for sciences…
November 14 and 15 at 1:30 pm, Summum (Grenoble).
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GDR Recristallisation

GDR 2006 Recristallisation et Croissance des Grains

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