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Recent and ongoing projects and activities

par Gerhard Krinner - 7 mars 2017

A few links to some projects and activities I am involved in :

  • CliC : Climate and Cryosphere core project of the World Climate Research Programme
  • LS3MIP : Land surface, snow and soil moisture MIP, a subproject of CMIP6
  • ESM-SnowMIP : A model intercomparison project aiming at improving the representation of snow both in global climate and in dedicated snow models, linked to LS3MIP
  • IMBIE2 : An international collaboration of polar scientists, providing improved estimates of the ice sheet contribution to sea level rise
  • Permafrost Carbon Network : Co-funded by CliC, aiming at quantifying permafrost carbon reservoirs and improve our understanding of relevant physical and biological processes
  • APRES3 : An ANR project aiming at quantifying Antarctic precipitation, and improving its simulation in climate models
  • ASUMA : An ANR project aiming at better quantifying the Antarctic surface mass balance. French ITASE contribution
  • LMDZ : The Atmospheric General Circulation Model developed by LMD/IPSL
  • ORCHIDEE : The land surface model of IPSL

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