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7 mars 2017 ( maj : 19 avril 2018 ), par Gerhard Krinner


  • Born on Dec 17, 1968 in Munich (Germany)
  • Nationality : French and German

Scientific activity

Numeric modelling of past, present and future climate, in particular :

  • Ice sheet climate : Surface mass balance, near-surface climate, role of ice sheets in regional and global climate
  • High-latitude surface/atmosphere interactions : open-water surfaces, permafrost, vegetation, snow
  • Regional climate modeling methods

Publications : See here

Academic positions

2018 Visiting scientist, CCCma (ECCC) and SEOS (UVic), Victoria, BC, Canada
2010- CNRS senior scientist (Directeur de Recherche), LGGE Grenoble
2007-2008 Visiting scientist, AWI Potsdam
1999-2010 CNRS research scientist (Chargé de Recherche), LGGE Grenoble
1998-1999 Post-Doctoral research assistant, LSCE (CEA - CNRS), Saclay

Current and recent responsibilities

2018-2022 Lead author of IPCC AR6 WG1 Chapter 9 (Ocean, Cryosphere and Sea-Level Change)
2017-2019 Member of the WCRP Modeling Advisory Council (WMAC)
2012-2017 Member of the CliC/WCRP Scientific Steering Group (Co-chair 2014-2017)
2012-2016 Member of the bureau of the National Scientific Research Committee (CoNRS) Section 19
2010-2013 Lead author of IPCC AR5 WG1 Chapter 12 (Long-term Climate Change : Projections, Commitments and Irreversibility)
2010-2015 Deputy director, LGGE

Higher education

2017 University diploma, Master level Philosophical, sociological and historical approaches to science. Université Grenoble Alpes
2004 Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches LGGE (CNRS - Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble). Title : "Modélisation du Climat des Hautes Latitudes"
1997 Doctorate Doctorate at LGGE (CNRS - Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble). Supervisor : C. Genthon. Title : "Simulations du climat des calottes de glace"
1994 DEA (Master) LGGE (CNRS - Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble). Supervisor : C. Genthon. Title : "Contribution à la mise au point d’une grille localement raffinée dans un modèle de circulation générale de l’atmosphère"
1991 Vordiplom (Bachelor) Physics, Technische Universität München, Germany