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Dominique Raynaud

30 juin 2017 ( maj : 3 juillet 2017 ), par Herve Denis

(September, 2012)

Keywords : Glaciology, ice cores, gas measurements, carbon cycle, greenhouse gases, palaeoclimatology, Antarctica, Greenland, CNRS, IPCC (GIEC)

Date of Birth : 14 June 1942

Nationality : French

University degrees in Physics and Geophysics

  • Licence de Sciences Physiques, (graduation), Paris University, 1964
  • Doctorat de spécialité (Géophysique), Paris University, 1966
  • Doctorat ès Sciences Physiques (PhD, Physical Sciences), Grenoble University, 1976

Other university degree

Graduation in scandinavian language and litterature, Sorbonne

Research career CNRS

  • Stagiaire de Recherche (trainee scientist), CNRS, 1968
  • Attaché de Recherche (Scientist attaché) at CNRS, 1969 – 1976
  • Chargé de Recherche (Researcher), CNRS, 1976 – 1984
  • Directeur de Recherche 2ème classe (Senior Scientist, Research Director, 2nd class), CNRS, 1985 – 1992
  • Directeur de Recherche 1ère classe (Senior Scientist, Research Director, 1st class), CNRS, 1992 – 2001
  • Director of the Laboratoire de Glaciologie et de Géophysique de l’Environnement, Grenoble, 1996 - 2002
  • Directeur de Recherche, classe exceptionnelle (Senior Scientist, Research Director, exceptional class), CNRS, 2001 – 2008
  • Directeur de Recherche Emerite (Emeritus Research Director ), CNRS 2008 –
  • Wiess Visiting Professor, Rice University, Houston, Texas, 2009

Polar Expeditions and Field Works

  • Adelie Land, Antarctica, 1965-66, 1968-69, 1976-77
  • Greenland, 1966
  • South Pole station, Antarctica, 1984-85
  • Vostok station, Antarctica, 1989-90
  • Greenland (East coast), educative cruise, 2008
  • Spitzberg, educative cruise, 2011

Awards, Honours, Academies

1989 CNRS, Silver Medal
1992 Philip Morris Prize in Climatology
1994 Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite (Knight of the National Order of the Merit, France)
1995 Member of Academia Europeae
1999 Grand Prize (CEA) of the French Academy of Sciences
2003 Gold medal of the Belgica, Belgian Academy of Science
2007 Award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the IPCC contributors
2008 Hans Oeschger Medal, European Geosciences Union (EGU)
2008 Descartes Prize awarded in Science by the European Union to the European ice core project EPICA
2011 Russian Academy of Science, Foreign member

Selection of previous membership to International Committees, Consortia and Panels

  • PAGES / IGBP, Scientific Steering Committee (1997-2002) , presently co-coordinator of the PIGS (Past Interglacial) project
  • GLOCHANT (Group of Specialists on Global Change and the Antarctic) / SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) : member of the Scientific Steering Committee and chairman of the sub-group PICE, 1992-1997)
  • EPICA (European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica) : member of the Steering Committee (1995-2006), coordinator of the European EPICA-MIS project (2003 – 2009)
  • IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) : Lead Author for the second and fourth assessment reports, Review Editor for the 5th assessment
  • French Coordinator of the French-Russian consortium (GDRE/CNRS) on the Vostok project, 2003-2008

Current membership to Committes, Panels and Union

  • IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) : Review Editor for the 5th assessment
  • Scientific Advisory Board of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI) in Germany
  • EGU Hans Oeschger Medal committee (Chair)
  • PAGE21 Scientific Advisory Board. PAGE21 is a European project on permafrost processes and climate feedbacks.
  • European Geosciences Union (EGU)
  • International Glaciological Society (IGS)
  • Scientific Committee of the Alpine center for natural risks (France)
  • Executive Committee of the Ars Cuttoli Foundation (Fondation de France)


  • 140 publications in International Journals, peer reviewed, including 35 in Nature and Science (see here)
  • More than 50 other publications
  • 2 Books : Planète Blanche, Odile Jacob editor, Paris, 2008 (with Jean Jouzel and C. Lorius). An updated and english version of the book is now in press : The White Planet : The Evolution and Future of our Frozen World, Princeton University Press, Princeton (USA).