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Service Technique

The IGE Technical Department supports the scientific projects of the research teams of the IGE and the C2FN. It is also a force of proposal to carry out projects of technical developments or field operations in line with the Institute’s researches.

The ST has 20 permanent engineers and technicians and a few fixed-term contracts depending on the projects supported (see organization chart (link to)). Given the wide range of activities covered by the ST, the professions and skills present in the team come from a wide range of fields (electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, instrumentation, laboratory engineering and infrastructure).

The tasks of the Technical Service are organized around five axes of activity :

• Support for drilling and core drilling (as part of the C2FN) ;
• Support for observation services and more generally for field measurements ;
• Development of experimental field or laboratory instruments ;
• Analytical laboratory support ;
• Maintenance of infrastructures, particularly those of the Molière building, owned by the CNRS (buildings, technical rooms such as cold rooms, chilled water, compressed air ...).

Part of the C2FN - Polar mission of the technical service is directly attached to the Core Drilling and Core Drilling Center (C2FN). As such, personnel attached to the C2FN have a national mission aimed at (i) the maintenance and development of drilling and ice core drilling instruments, (ii) the implementation on the ground of all the techniques developed and (Iii) to propose solutions for storing and making available samples of collected ice.

The technical department of the IGE also contributes to specific valorization actions, in particular, valuations in the form of patents, publications in technical journals, or participation in specialized fairs or conferences. Particular attention is paid to the training of the team and the dissemination of knowledge to our partners, in particular by strengthening the capacities of our Southern partners in the framework of observatories.