Risk of eutrophication in the Saigon River : impacts of the Ho Chi Minh City Megacity (Vietnam)

Séminaire de Nguyen Tuyet, jeudi 28 septembre à 14h en salle OSUG-B 105

Summary : This study aims at understanding natural and anthropogenic factors affecting the water quality of Saigon River. During nearly two years, we monitored the concentration of nutrients to assess the status of the river and the factors driving the water quality. Water body at Ho Chi Minh City presents high nutrient concentrations, which indicated an important release from the megacity. We evidenced that untreated domestic discharges lead to the degradation of Saigon River’s water quality with sectors of hypoxia recorded in the heart of the megacity. Downstream, the intrusion of marine waters leads to the dilution of pollution and water quality indicators return close to the values observed upstream the city.

By Nguyen Tuyet, Second year Phd student in IGE Hydrimz team and CARE (Centre Asiatique de Recherche sur l’Eau in Ho Chi Minh City).

Animation : Julien NEMERY (IGE-Hydrimz).