Groundwater-to-atmosphere simulations including human water use at the continental scale

Séminaire de Stefan Kollet, jeudi 5 octobre à 14h, salle 105, OSUG-B

Résumé : In the seminar, we will take a tour from groundwater across the land surface into the atmosphere inspecting important interfaces, and how these interfaces are treated theoretically and technically in coupled models of the terrestrial water and energy cycle. The human impact with regard to groundwater pumping and irrigation will be introduced, adding even more complexity to an already extremely intricate biogeophysical problem. Major challenges and simplifying assumptions will be discussed that are a prerequisite for interpreting simulation results and assessing uncertainty. Our tour will serve as the basis for introducing the Terrestrial Systems Modeling Platform (TerrSysMP) including simulation examples, which demonstrate the importance of closing the terrestrial water and energy cycle from groundwater into the atmosphere.

Par Stefan KOLLET (Research Center Jülich and Bonn University)
Animation : Jean-Martial COHARD (IGE-PHyREV)