Atmospheric Chemistry

Welcome to the research team "Atmospheric and Snow chemistry" !

Our team project seeks to identify the sources, sinks and transformation mechanisms of chemical species generated by human activities. We particularly focus on determining their impact on climate, air quality and on snow-covered ecosystems.

The "Air Quality" theme is supported by an important analytic platform for the determination of aerosol composition. We also use statistical modeling and isotopic tools to track the origin of pollutants.

Since many years, we have also been involved in the study of polar regions and high altitude areas. In these regions, we put emphasis on snowpacks, and their role as an interface between the atmosphere and ecosystems.

Finally, we are involved in tropospheric monitoring in the most remote places on Earth. Together with studies on deposition, we use these observations to elucidate chemistry/climate feed backs.

If you are interested by our research, feel free to contact us or have a look at the job/opportunities section !

Team leaders : Aurélien Dommergue and Didier Voisin